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Why Our Hammocks?

It's easy to say we have the best hammocks in the United Kingdom, and we think we do! However that's up to you to decide, but here is why we think so..

1. Uniqueness. With such a variety of hammocks from various countries in various styles, sizes and colours you are sure to find a unique hammock to suit your preference and requirements. Whether this for personal relaxation, accommodation provision or as a gift.

2. Quality. All our hammocks are of the highest quality and will provide you with many years of rest, relaxation and enjoyment with the proper use and care. All products go through a strict quality control process.  

3. Environment. Our certified organic cotton hammocks offer greater benefits to the environment with it being grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides orinsecticides. This makes a safer product for both those with sensitive skin and those working on the materials, both picking the cotton and manufacturing the hammocks. 

4. Comfort and Support. All hammocks are made using quality materials to provide the best feel and support. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the comfort your hammock provides you. Compared to the cheaper varieties, that are harsh, uncomfortable and often used once and discarded, you will always be looking for an excuse to get it your hammock for some quality hammock time!

5. Various hammock materials. Our range of hammocks are available in a varied range of durable materials. From soft cotton and organic cotton through to unique weatherproof material called HamacTex®. This weatherproof material is a brilliant material that is great for outdoor use, fade and weather resistant plus quick-drying meaning you can leave your hammock outdoors all summer. 

6. Portability. Our hammocks are lightweight, portable and extremely strong. From 150 - 250kg of support weight depending on the size, means they are suitable for all sizes. Yet they only weigh between 1 - 6kg and fold up easily for transport. Easy to hang, great for travelling, and compact for storage.

7. Versatility. Suitable for nearly any location, backyards, gardens, balconies, the holiday home/cabin, camping/surfing trips, boats, and for a variety of uses. Sleeping, reading a book, resting, or rocking the baby to sleep. Suitable indoors or outdoors. Easy to hang and take down, whether tying to existing features such as trees, decks, fences or posts, incorporating with one of our hammock stands or by setting up fixing points on external walls, ceilings, or beams. 

8. Range. Outdoor hammocks, chair hammocks, Colombian, Mexican, Brazilian, stands, hanging accessories we have them all! We have a practical range of various sizes and styles. Check out our range for yourself.

9. Health Benefits. The health benefits of using hammocks regularly are well known and highly beneficial. Hammocks are especially good for easing back, neck and muscular pain due to the conforming and supporting nature. Quality made hammocks reduce pressure points as your body is supported fully with even weight distribution allowing for total body muscle relaxation. 

Further studied benefits include reduced stress, improved mental well being and a quicker to sleep and deep sleep process. A hammock is an especially good place to practice breathing exercises, tie in with yoga workouts or mediate. It has also been said that relaxing in a hammock can be good for relieving pre-natal pains in pregnant women. Babies are often easily settled in a hammock and love the gentle conforming feel and rocking motion.

Many hammock users also enjoy sleeping the night through in their hammocks and have experienced many benefits including decreased morning soreness and stiffness, improving insomnia and generally more restful nights sleep. If you do wish to try sleeping the night through for yourself, give yourself a good few nights to get used to it, use a decent size hammock - Mexican and Brazilian family sizes are a great choice, and if it is likely to be cold setup a comfortable setting with underquilt and duvet.