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Hammock Hanging Guide

When it comes to hanging a hammock there are a variety of methods and options available depending on how and where you plan to hang your hammock.



The first thing to consider is your hanging location and space. Depending on the size and style of your hammock you will need between 270cm for single size hammocks and 400cm for king size spreader bar style hammocks. Look for the the hammock dimensions and the required hanging span needed which is show on each product page at the bottom of the product description.

Attempting to hang in a space smaller than required is not recommended as this could mean you end up touching the ground while in your hammock. If your space is wider than the minimum amount this is fine and the extra distance can easily be spanned with hammock ropes and the like.

In terms of hanging height, we usually recommend having your hanging points setup around 1.6 - 1.8m in height, but this can be a bit more flexible and adjusted as needed to get the right hang to suit your preference.

Generally, for traditional (non-bar) type hammocks, you want to end up with a nice banana type hammock curve and have the hammock at the lowest point hanging somewhere between your hips and knees.

For spreader bar type hammocks, you want a more taunt flat surface with your hanging height at the lowest point no higher than 50cm. 


Hanging Accessories

Once you have found the perfect space to hang your hammock then you are likely to need some hanging accessories to get your hammock off the ground. If you already have an existing hammock setup in place then you are unlikely to need anything new. However, if you are starting fresh then the following items can help you quickly and easily setup safe and secure hammock fixing points.


Hanging Hammocks from Trees

For trees, securing via rope or straps is usually the simplist option. All you require is an appropriate length of rope to span the distance from the end of your hammock and the nearest tree. At the end of every hammock is a loop end, so you can secure your rope through this and then around each tree. Just ensure you have a strong healthy tree that will support your weight. Never use a dead or dying tree to hang your hammock from.

Hanging Hammocks from Walls or Posts

For hanging a hammock from posts or walls, then installing secure wall hooks are the best option. Using items such as screw eye hooks and rope you can achieve a solid secure hanging point. Items like this can often be found at your local hardware store or through our hammock accessories page.

Our hammock hanging kit includes everything you may need to setup a safe and secure hanging fixing point whether this is indoors or outdoors. With solid hooks, rope and adjustable hooks you'll have a safe and secure setup for your hammock in place in no-time! 

Hammock Chairs

When it comes to hanging hammock chairs, they follow the same principle as per our full-size hammock but only require a single overhead hanging point. Such as from a strong tree branch, overhead beam or setting up a hook from the ceiling.   

Often no two hanging setups are exactly the same and for this reason we don't include hanging accessories with every hammock. If you have a unique setup or are still not sure how to best hang your hammock please feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to help.


Hammock Stands

If you are lacking trees or don't want to install permanent wall hooks then hammock stands are a great option. Free standing so they can be setup nearly anywhere. All you need is an area of flat land, whether this is your lawn, deck or patio. Once setup they can stay outside all summer and you can easily hang and take down your hammock whether the need arises.

Our range of hammock stands come in various sizes to suit our range of hammock and include everything you need to get your hammock hung and quickly in use. 

Each stand requires assembly and can be setup and taken down at will, allowing for transport should you wish to take on holiday or for storage over winter.

We have a handy hammock stand guide that details what hammocks work with what hammock stands. Click here to view our hammock stand guide.