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Hammock Stand Guide

Metal Hammock Stands

Metal hammock stands are a great versatile option for various hammock types and are easy care.

Metal stands are generally the quicker and easier to assemble as the pieces simply slide together and click into place.

They can be a lighter weight option also making them easier to move for one person.

While designed for outdoor use, metal hammock stands can be further preserved by storing inside over the colder and wetter months when not in use.

Wooden Hammock Stands

For a beautiful natural look wooden stands can't be beat! They look great on decks or as features in gardens and fit a wide range of hammocks.

Assembling the wooden stands are relatively easy but take a little more time as the pieces are all bolted together. This can make metal stands a better option if you like to pack up your stand regularly to take away such as on holiday camping or just for the day to the beach or park.

Like metal stands wooden stands benefit from unnecessary weathering b storing over the winter period.

Wooden stands do require more maintenance such as sanding and recoating with an outdoor furniture oil every year or two.

Wooden Hammock Stand

Chair Hammock Stands

Chair hammock stands offer a versatile option for enjoying your hammock chair indoors or outdoors.

From the sunny garden to fireside they offer the ability to relax year round and save the need for drilling into ceilings or outdoor beams, or needing the perfect tree.

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