Hammock Fabric Guide

When it comes to choosing a hammock fabric there are a few different options available nowadays. All have their own features and benefits, but you might be wondering what is the right option for you and how to choose. This guide will help answer those questions providing a ‘run-down’ on all the hammock fabrics we have on offer here at Hammock Shop UK.



The tried and true hammock material, this is what the majority of hammocks are made in today. Cotton has great inherent properties that make it ideal for hammock use. It is soft and comfortable on the skin, it is tearproof and it absorbs moisture easily so is good for wicking away sweat on those hot days - and it can also be easily washed.

Cotton is a very strong material, with long fibres which makes it very tear resistant and robust so that it can take a lot of use over long periods of time. Quality cotton will also be very lightweight and have long cotton fibres. The cotton used in our range of cotton hammocks is 100% pure cotton which ensures the best comfort and bright vibrant colours.

Being a natural fibre, however, cotton does require some extra care to ensure it’s longevity. Whilst cotton is ideal for hammocks, it is not a fabric that does well when it is constantly wet or left in damp conditions. Cotton can rot and grow mold if left in these conditions. Cotton fabric and colours can also deteriorate over time when left constantly exposed to harsh UV rays. The best way to care for a cotton hammock and ensure it provides you with a long and comfortable life is to just protect it from the elements when not in use. Sure, enjoy it outside during the day in the sun, but just bring it back inside with you when you are done or enjoy undercover, this will just save any unnecessary wear. 



EllTex is a specially created hammock material designed to offer similar yet more durable and resistant properties than traditional cotton. To touch and feel, it is very hard to distinguish any noticeable difference. Made from artificial fibre, EllTex is water-repellent, UV resistant, quick-drying and fade resistant. Basically the perfect hammock material! This is the material choice for those that forget to bring in their hammock at the end of the day or just like to leave their hammock outside all summer long. .

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, it doesn’t absorb as much moisture as cotton so your hammock will be quicker to dry after a rain shower. Most water will be repelled, but even after a heavy shower, the material is quick to dry. With built-in UV resistant properties constant exposure to the sun will not fade the material, leaving the colours bright and vibrant, and the material soft and comfortable.

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Parachute Silk

For an extremely lightweight, compactable hammock, parachute silk hammock material is a great option. Made from nylon trilobal - the same fabric used for parachutes, it makes for excellent travel and camping hammocks. The very thin nylon threads are barely perceptible to the eye, yet when spun into a fabric create a very strong and comfortable material. Soft and silk-like, breathable and tearproof hammocks made from parachute silk are most prevalently used as travel and camping hammocks. They are comfortable enough to sleep the night through in and save sleeping on the hard ground. With a double size travel hammock weighing less than 1kg and around the size of a 1-litre drink bottle they are a great alternative to heavy bulky tents.

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