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Copy of Hammock Stand Guide


"I'd love a hammock but I have no-where to hang it!" We hear this a bit, but fortunately, with a hammock stand you can hang and enjoy a hammock stand nearly anywhere.

Sometimes hanging a hammock from trees or posts is just not an option. Perhaps the trees are not well spaced or you don't have any suitable solid anchor points to fix your hammock to. Perhaps you would just prefer to enjoy your hammock on the deck or back lawn. If that is the case then a hammock stand might just be the perfect option for you.

When it comes to choosing a hammock stand we have a couple of options. For both our chair hammock range and full-size hammocks we have both a metal and wooden option. Both are designed to be used outdoors and resist the elements. Generally metal is the lower care option, as wooden stands do require more maintenance such as a recoat of wood sealer every so often.

Metal stands are generally the quicker and easier to assemble as the pieces simply slide and click into place. Assembling the wooden stands are relatively easy also but take a little more time as the pieces are all bolted together. This can make metal stands a better option if you like to pack up your stand regularly to take away such as on holiday camping or just for the day to the beach or park. Once disassembled both options pack down small for storage and it is a good idea to store both away once the season is over to prevent unnecessary weathering over the winter period.