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Copy of Hammock Size and Style Guide - la siesta


When it comes to choosing a hammock there a great many options available. Different sizes, different styles and you might be wondering what is best for you. In this guide, we'll break it down and help you find the best hammock to suit your needs.


Hammock Styles


Hammock iconTraditional Hammock: A typical South American style hammock with either fabric or woven body. This is a hammock that hangs in a nice natural curve shape with the best position for use being on an angle across the hammock. Traditional style hammocks do not have wooden spreader bars on them. These type of hammocks are extremely comfortable as you are fully supported and the fabric cradles your body in all areas. These are a great hammock for resting, reading relaxing or sleeping the night through in. These type of hammocks make up the bulk of our range and include hammocks made in Colombian, Brazilian and Mexican hammocks. Our range of travel hammocks are also a traditional hammock style. 

Traditional hammocks are a very safe and easy to use hammock. Once in it is near impossible to fall out of as the edges of the material raise slightly above you keeping you securely inside the hammock confines.

Traditional hammocks are a nice lightweight option making them easy to handle, hang and travel with. Usually, they weight within around 1-3kg.

Spreader Bar Hammock IconSpreader Bar Hammock: Often the type of hammock seen in tropical resorts and beautiful gardens. These hammocks are a great feature hammock and are kept open through wooden bar inserts at each end creating a very open and inviting hammock. Spreader bar hammocks are great for those full sun exposure and a bit of sunbathing. Some people thing spreader bar hammocks are easier to get in and out of than traditional hammocks but that is not often the case. Both are easy to climb in and out of and the key is always to find and sit in the centre of the hammock first so that your weight distribution is straight down and the hammock is balanced. From there you have a solid base to then swing your body around into laying position. To exit, just repeat the same process in reverse. 

Like traditional hammocks, spreader bar hammocks can come in a woven rope type of a full fabric material. Some of our spreader bar hammock range even come with padded lying surfaces and included pillow to make them even more comfortable. 

Spreader bar hammocks due to the wooden bars can sometimes be a little harder to handle on their own. Usually weighing between 2-6kg, they are a little more bulky to handle and hang vs traditional hammocks.

Chair hammockChair Hammock: Always a great option whether as an alternative to a full-length hammock or as an additional hammock. Chair hammocks are perfect for those that want to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a hammock by may not have the space to hang a full-size hammock. They require much less space and only a single overhead hanging point so can be hung from a single tree branch or ceiling joist or beam. Chair hammocks suit a more upright resting posture which is good for reading, resting or socialising. Our chair lounger range which is a king size chair hammock provides the benefit of an upright chair hammock and due to its large size, you can also lie back in a fully reclined state from head to toe.

Hanging chair hammocks inside is becoming a more popular option perhaps you have a good spot whether in a lounge, sunroom or bedroom.


What Style for Me? If you are still wondering what the best style for you here is brief summary;

Traditional hammock - if you are looking for the best comfort, an easy to handle lightweight hammock, a place to rest and sleep a traditional hammock is for you.

Spreader bar hammock - if you love the look of the open style hammock and enjoy lying longways down a hammock in the sun, then this is the hammock for you.  

Chair hammock - if space is at a premium or you prefer a more upright seated position to relax and read in a chair hammock is a good fit for you.


Hammock Sizes


How about hammock sizing? What is the right size hammock for me?


Single Size HammockSingle Hammock: Small and lightweight, the single hammock is best sized for one average size person or for children to relax in. Single hammocks require less space to hang in so are a good option when the distance between trees and posts might be a little on the short side.

Double HammockDouble Hammock: Good for 1-2 persons. Giving you extra space to sprawl out when used alone or good for when you want to share with a loved one and get cosy. Generally longer and wider than the single size.

Family hammockFamily Hammock: A hammock for the whole family to enjoy together. Large and roomy enough so the kids can join you. Even without a full load a family size hammock is a very comfortable hammock for one person and is a great size option for sleeping the night through.