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Hammock Shop UK is owned and operated by Mexican Hammocks Ltd Pty (ABN: 18 134 615 366) which is an Australian Company owned and operated by Mike Rennie and Guy Halpin.

Having successfully sold hammocks throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa for over 10 years we wanted to offer our great range and service to hammock lovers throughout the UK and Europe. 

Our range of hammock products come from a long-established European supplier with over 25 years experience in the hammock market and whose range we stock and sell in Australia in New Zealand. With a focus on quality production and manufacturing excellence. Furthermore and importantly they hold the same values as us with a focus on fairness and co-operation with their workers and suppliers adhering to social and environmental standards. Many of these products are handmade in the native countries in 100% pure or organic cotton.

All orders are processed directly through us and your purchases are dispatched via express European courier directly from our German-based suppliers. We are VAT registered in the UK (registration number: 367480370) and all prices are inclusive of VAT.

Our Goal  

Mexican Hammocks Pty Ltd aims to provide the UK with superior quality hammocks at fair value and affordable prices in a timely manner. We strive to provide our clients with a unique online shopping experience through ease of use and informative online shopping options. Through our online stores, we work to help continually improve the lives of native Mayan, Mexican Communities through the provision of sustainable employment and fair working conditions.

Guy and Mike