Curved Wooden Hammock Stand - Spruce

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      This stunning freestanding wooden hammock stand will not only create a relaxed outdoor scene but will most likely become your new favourite place. Functional and versatile, simply add your favourite hammock and comfort is assured.

      The wooden arc hammock stand suits both bar and non-bar hammocks and is available in 3 different sizes to suit your hammock and space requirements.

      Each stand is created through high-pressure layer bonding and weatherproofed from FSC certified sustainable European spruce forests to provide excellent outdoor durability and longevity.

      These stands are available in the three sizes (single/double/family) that match the size of our hammock range. The kingsize hammock stand is the required size for both king and family size hammocks.

      If unsure of suitability please ask as returns are not available on this product other than as legally required. *Stand only. Hammock not included.

      Hammock Stand Dimensions

      For King & Family Size Hammocks

      Height: 160cm

      Width: 145cm

      Total Length: 437cm

      Weight Capacity: 200kg 

      For Double Size Hammocks

      Height: 143cm

      Width: 145cm

      Total Length: 390cm

      Weight Capacity: 200kg

      For Single Size Hammocks

      Height: 113cm

      Width: 105cm

      Total Length: 358cm

      Weight Capacity: 120kg 

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In Depth

Made from dense, durable and sustainably harvested European spruce which weather-resistant, strong and durable.

The included hanging chain is easily adjusted to suit the hammock and user thanks to the patented quick extend.

Made through a high-pressure lamination and weatherproofing process to allow fulltime outdoor summer use.

Renewable forestry (FSC®) premium quality sourced wood.

It is natural for outdoor wood products to experience 'checking'. This involves minor cracks and openings in the timber due to the expansion and contraction from changes in temperature and moisture. This is normal and does not affect the integrity of the stand.