Organic Cotton Single White Hammock

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Single organic cotton hammock features

What better way to spend your downtime than in this ever so comfortable Colombian single organic cotton hammock. This beautiful classic style hammock in natural, non-dyed nor bleached organic cotton will not only look great but feel great.

Woven with certified organic cotton that is better for the environment and a great option for children, babies and those with sensitive skin.

The unique Colombian hanging arms with multiple suspension cords evenly distribute your weight throughout the hammock creating a lovely weightless feel. No pressure points - just even support and maximum comfort.

Single size, suitable for one person or children. Great for smaller spaces and lightweight making it a practical hammock for travelling with.

Hammock Dimensions

single size hammock dimensions

In Depth

single hammock icon A single size full fabric hammock in traditional South American style. Best suited for one person or two children.
Multiple cords hammock icon Made with multiple suspension cords which contribute to greater comfort through better weight distribution and enhance durability. 
organic cotton hammock material Crafted from environmentally friendly certified organic cotton for a safer, softer more comfortable hammock.
tear proof edging

Reinforcement edges create a safer, more secure hammock with greater durability and tear resistance.

made in Colombia Handmade by hammock experts in Colombia.  

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