Organic Cotton Family Hammock - Chocolate

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      Family organic cotton hammock features

      Colombia family size hammock made of super soft organic cotton. With multiple hand plaited cadejos arms, tear proof edging and extra large size comfort is assured for the whole family.

      A traditional Colombian style hammock made of 100% pure soft organic cotton. Excellent weight distribution is achieved throughout the hammock reducing pressure points allowing you to relax for hours or sleep the night through in comfort.

      Family size, suitable for one, two or the whole family to enjoy together.

      *Hammock stand not included.

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      family size hammock dimensions

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In Depth

family size hammock icon A family size full fabric hammock in traditional South American style. Suitable for one to two persons or more, holding up to 200kg.
Multiple cords hammock icon Made with multiple suspension cords which contribute to greater comfort through better weight distribution and enhance durability. 
organic cotton hammock material Crafted from environmentally friendly certified organic cotton for a safer, softer more comfortable hammock.
Cadejos arms Traditional hand plaited Cadejos on suspension arms further increase comfort, weight distribution and durability.
tear proof edging

Reinforcement edges create a safer, more secure hammock with greater durability and tear resistance.

made in Colombia Handmade by hammock experts in Colombia.