Brazilian Single Cotton Hammock - Blue and Blue

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      What better way to spend your downtime than in this ever so comfortable Brazilian single cotton hammock. This beautiful South American style hammock in relaxing aqua colours will bring a sense of peace and serenity to any area.

      Each hammock is densely woven from environmentally friendly recycled cotton with a high number of suspension cords which evenly distribute your weight throughout the hammock creating a lovely weightless feel. No pressure points - just even support and maximum comfort.

      Single size, suitable for one person or children. Hammock stand not included.

      Hammock Dimensions

      Wide: 120cm

      Body Length: 200cm

      Total Length: 310cm

      Weight Capacity: 150kg

      Minimum Hanging Space Required: 280cm

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In Depth

A single size full fabric hammock in traditional South American style. Best suited for one person or two children.

Made with multiple suspension cords which contribute to greater comfort through better weight distribution and enhance durability. 

Crafted from recycled cotton for a softer more comfortable hammock.

Made by hammock experts in Brazil.  

This hammock can be hung outdoors between trees. For a quick and easy hang select our 'Tree Straps' accessory option for a convenient and tree-friendly hanging option.

This hammock can be hung indoors or outdoors between posts and walls. For solid fixtures select our 'Wall Hammock Kit' accessory option for wall hooks and chain.