Cotton Rope Hammock - King Size - White

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king rope cotton hammock features

Like something from a tropical beach resort, with this hammock you won't need to travel far to experience that relaxing holiday feel. Hang on your deck or between two trees in your garden and bring home that resort feeling.

Enjoy blissful relaxation on those hot summer days in this natural cotton rope hammock. Made for soft natural cotton, that is not bleached, nor dyed, for a safer more natural product

North American bar style hammock with room for one to two persons to relax in comfort. With a high number of suspension cords, breathable open weave this is the type of hammock you will love using daily.

Hammock Dimensions

king size rope hammock dimensions

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In Depth

king rope size hammock icon A king size full fabric hammock with spreader bar. Suited for one person, two or more persons.
Multiple cords hammock icon Made with multiple suspension cords which contribute to greater comfort through better weight distribution and enhance durability. 
cotton hammock material Crafted from high-quality cotton for a softer more comfortable hammock.
natural product

Natural soft cotton - free of bleaches and dyes for a more natural product.

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