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Children's Hammock

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Children's Hammock

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Quick Overview

Children love hammocks just as much as adults and these great hammocks will offer them their own special place to relax and play in. These fun, vibrant hammocks have been made with safety in mind and specially designed to meet the needs of children 3 years and older.

Available in two options; 

Hammock - 1 Rainbow - Pure Cotton

  • Width - 1.1m
  • Length of body - 2.1m
  • Overall Length - 2.1m
  • Support Weight - 80kg
  • Hanging space required approx 1.5m upwards
  • Material - Pure Cotton

Hammock - 2 Animal Print - Organic Cotton

  • Padded Hammock
  • Width - 1.3m
  • Length of body - 2.1m
  • Overall Length - 2.1m
  • Support Weight - 80kg
  • Hanging space required approx 1.5m upwards
  • Material - Organic Cotton - Polyester internal filling
  • Can be opened out and used as a play or crawl rug

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Children's Hammocks

Most children love movement and the feeling of flying they get from swings and fancy rides. Why not give them access to such an experience right at the comfort of your own home in safer and in more comfortable ways? 

We offer the La Siesta Children’s Hammocks in different models with your children in mind during the designing process. Built especially for this age group, these durable hammocks offer support and comfort meant to accommodate their smaller bodies. We’ve carefully developed children’s hammocks alongside German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise (BAG), and these suspended lounging spaces are especially designed for kids 3 years and older. 

Available in different models and varying materials, parents are sure to find a hammock their children would enjoy. The animal print padded hammock also quickly and easily doubles as a children's play blanket or crawl rug. These durable tightly-woven hammocks are designed to evenly support the occupant’s weight. 

These children’s hammocks come with closed suspensions, tear-proof selvages, and the best cotton materials to promote safety and comfort for your child. Available in vibrant colours, the gentle swinging motion helps promote your child’s sense of balance while relaxing. Each hammock is comfortable enough to serve as a favourite place for those little ones.


On most of our hammocks we offer range of materials to best suit your needs. If you prefer your hammock to be weatherproof and leave it outside frequently or like to travel with your hammock we recommend our special materials like HamacTex® or parachute silk for your hammock. Most of our range of hammocks are made of cotton which is a quality and much valued hammock material. Very soft to the touch, providing the best option where comfort is the top priority. Also available is organic cotton. Retaining all the benefits of normal cotton is also has further benefits to the environment and those using and cultivating the cotton as it is grown and manufactured without using chemical substances. Providing a very soft to the skin feel making it a perfect product for children and babies. HamacTex® for those who like to leave their hammocks outside over night and throughout summer should consider our HamacTex® material hammocks. HamacTex® is UV-resistant and water-repellent, so that the hammock will tolerate wind, sun and rain to a much greater extent than regular hammocks. It will also keep its functionality and radiant colours longer term.
We provide free shipping on our entire range of hammocks. Our hammock range is couriered from Germany with a local European courier. Delivery can be expected within 3-5 working days of ordering.